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Welcome to my world. I am a journalist in East Tennessee. My neck of the woods is in the Cumberland Mountains, on the eastern edge of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, where I work as publisher and editor of the hometown newspaper and my wife is an elementary school teacher. We have two children, twins Toby and Rachel. Our hound mix, Scooter, lives here too. There are also two cats — Popeye and Chubs — neither of which are very fond of me.
God gave us life, but only for a short while. It’s best to fill it up with things that we enjoy. Like Tennessee football, Chris Ledoux music, sweet tea and — perhaps most importantly — the great outdoors. And Andy Griffith reruns.
I blog frequently about my adventures outside, the weather, Tennessee football, politics, and whatever else comes to mind. Send me an email, if you’re so inclined, to bengarrett at highland dot net.




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