Destination: Parch Corn

Life on the frontier of the Upper Cumberlands was harsh. Most passed through and didn’t stay. But some did, and became legends. This is the story of Armstead Blevins, one of those who stayed.

His father’s first wife was the daughter of Princess Cornblossom of the Doublehead Cherokees. His first wife was the granddaughter of a Revolutionary War soldier who fought with George Washington at Valley Forge. Armstead raised 17 children along the banks of Parch Corn Creek in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, surviving a raid by Confederate guerrillas during the Civil War and building one of the best farms in the region. Back then, it was a way of life. Today, it’s an excellent hike.

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    Mr. Garrett. Thank you very much. you have allowed me to see things I thought I would never live to see. Let me give you a little background. I live In Muncie Indiand I am retired Police Officer. I was born in Onieda Ten and lived in Fenteress Co as a child.Armstead was my great great grandfather, Shade was my great grandfather, Oby was my grandfather and James Howard was my father. I have often been told about the homestead at Parch Corn Creek. Due to poor health I will never be able to go there. But thanks to you I have seen it. I am thank you for that. I have been to my great Grandfather Sade’s place on Station camp when I was younger. and I have been to the Helen Terry grave yard.

    Yours Steven L Blevins

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