Remember when Butch Jones was caught on camera last year saying, “F*** all of ’em” in response to fans who were booing him at Neyland Stadium?

It seems the Vols’ football coach is back at it.

As quoted by Michael Bratton, Jones had this to say today about the “talk” surrounding his job performance in Knoxville:

Interestingly, Jones said at SEC Media Days just a few weeks ago that he pays no attention to the noise:

“I don’t ever concern myself with that. We have a plan, we are following that plan and that’s kinda the world we live in. If you find yourself even spending one second of your time worrying about that, investing about that, it’s taking away from your other priorities that you have.”

Either way, Jones would be wise to take the advice from one of SEC coaching peers, who said (anonymously, of course) in Lindy’s preseason magazine that the Vols coach should pay less attention to the noise:

“I think he’s too concerned with what the media says than doing his job. If you win, the media doesn’t matter. If you lose, everything matters. I think he gets caught up in public opinion. I think he’s an insecure guy.”

Whoever that SEC coach was, he’s very much right about Jones’ approach. But I would take it a step further than that. If you’re Butch Jones and you don’t like the “outside noise,” don’t lose to Vanderbilt and South Carolina. You take care of the teams you should beat, and there’s no noise. It really is that simple.