Tennessee coaching search centers on Gruden, Mullen

Jon Gruden, Dan Mullen emerge as favorites for Tennessee coaching vacancy:

There are still those who scoff at the notion of Jon Gruden being named the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee.

“There should be a constitutional amendment against writing ‘Jon Gruden’ and ‘Tennessee’ in the same sentence,” CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd tweeted Monday.

But, more and more, those haughty guffaws are turning to nervous chuckles.

No one likes to be wrong, after all. Especially journalists. And if Gruden, by chance, were to wind up coaching here, there would be a few of them with egg on their faces. Like Dodd. And Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel, who wrote Sunday that “anyone who mentions Jon Gruden in any capacity should be charged with journalistic negligence.”

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